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OYO Out Side Plant (OSP) Telecommunications Construction Services Include:

  • Design & Engineering of Telecommunications OSP Network
  • Project & Construction Management+
  • OSP Maintenance and Technical Services


  • Rural Broadband Deployment
  • Long Haul Long Distance Deployments
  • Aerial Construction
  • Low Voltage Installation
  • Coax//Fiber Placement
  • Coax/Fiber Removal
  • Provisioning, Testing & Turn Up
  • Drop Placement


  • Primary and Secondary Fiber Rings
  • Cell Tower Back-haul

OYO OSP Services Include:

OYO Design & Engineering of Telecommunications OSP Network:

  • Fiber segmentation and splitter placement
  • Route selection and design
  • Pole access including Joint Pole Agreements access
  • Pole loading and other engineering considerations
  • New Plant Extensions
  • Underground Conduit & Manhole Design

OYO Project & Construction Management:

  • Professional construction and installation of Overhead and Underground Broadband cables:
    • Fiber Optic
    • Coaxial
  • Cost-effective cable placement
  • Splicing and Underground construction
  • Installation of Broadband Terminating Equipment
  • Material Management
  • Quality Control

OYO Network Maintenance and Technical Services:

  • Inspections and repairs
  • Aerial / Underground Maintenance
  • Fiber Testing
  • Fiber Audits
  • RF Module Upgrades and Activation
  • Power Supply Maintenance / Replacement
  • Wreck-out

We are fully equipped with the experience, resources, and equipment to provide all of your telecommunication OSP construction needs.